COVID-19 Safety Standards

How Are We Dealing With COVID-19?

In this pandemic situation, people have various concerns and we understand this very well. We have implemented safety measures that are in synchronization with the guidelines issued by the Government of India. We conducted a training session for our staff and delivery associates to prepare them for this pandemic situation so that they can perform their duties and serve you without interruption.

We have devised new procedures and have implemented various health measures at our facility to keep our employees as well as customers safe. We are adapting ourselves to this situation because living and coping with COVID-19 is the new normal.


Your Safety Is Our First Concern

Contactless Delivery

Our delivery personnel will leave the package at your doorstep and will maintain at least a 2-meter distance.

Social Distancing

We are strictly following the social distancing norms and are maintaining safe distance at work.

Health Screening

 All our staff members are screened every day when they arrive at work. Anyone found with flu-like symptoms is asked to stay at home.

Covid Response 5

Practicing Hygiene

Our delivery associates and builders are taking all the precautionary measures like cleaning hands regularly and wearing masks, hand gloves.



All our facilities like the warehouse & workplace are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.

Covid Response 7

Common Points

Common points that are touched frequently like vehicles and delivery devices are cleaned both at the start and end of delivery.

Receiving Delivery Etiquettes

Do(s) & Don’t(s)

Of Receiving Deliveries During



  • Wear gloves while handling the package
  • Make sure to disinfect the package.
  • Divide the space to keep clean & dirty items separately.

  • After taking off the packaging discard it as well as gloves immediately.

  • Wash your hands properly.
  • Wash/sanitize any surfaces that have been touched or came into contact with the parcel.

FAQ(s) Related To COVID-19

What is UltimatePC doing to keep customers safe during COVID-19 outbreak?

All our facilities are sanitized at regular intervals. Our builders are taking proper precautions like sanitizing/washing hands, wearing protective gear, maintaining social distance, etc. 

How will my order be impacted by the (COVID-19) Outbreak?

Orders may not be necessarily affected by but as we have to go through long procedures and several measures to ensure safety and security in this Novel coronavirus thus, there may be some arrears.

Is there any risk associated with contracting the (COVID-19) from a package or product?

We are practicing the best possible safety measures that comply with WHO as well as with the government of India to ensure safety. But of course, for guidance purposes please refer to Public health authorities.

How are you making deliveries during this pandemic situation?

We are following contactless delivery practices to keep our customers safe.