Looking for a Best Gamer in India? Great! You have reached the right place.

It is often claimed that when one chooses passion for a profession, the scope of getting tired of being fed up is never an issue to be encountered with.

This is why when the die-hard gamers realized that they can follow their passion for gaming as their profession, the gaming industry exploded in India.

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Thanks to the rapid growth of technology and YouTube, being a professional gamer is now a dream come true.

One of the many ways that gamers choose to earn is streamed online, which also happens to be one of the most common means of gaining popularity for them.

After all, who doesn’t surf YouTube? By reaching out to their target audience directly, gamers have been able to get in views, popularity, fame, and earnings effectively.

Top gamers stream their gameplay live for several reasons.

 Best Gamer

Top 10 Best Gamer in India [2022 Updated] : Top Gamers in India

1. Total Gaming

Total Gaming

With a whopping 30.8 million subscribers, the first on our list of top Indian gamers have to be Total Gaming.

The gaming channel is owned by Ajay, who chooses to remain anonymous amongst his fans.

He is on the top of this list for being regarded as one of the most subscribed and loved gaming channels on the platform.
Even with his identity kept anonymous, it is known to his fans that he started gaming on his pc initially.

Only after getting his hands smooth on the workability of the game, he chose to create the now-famous Total Gaming.

The games that he streams on his channel include Garena Free Fire, Minecraft, and GTA V. the channel was started in December 2018.

With aggregated views of this channel going as high as 5.42 billion – total gaming is considered as one of the most popular gaming channels of the country.

2. Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz

With 23.8 million subscribers, Techno Gamerz has stolen the spot for the second position on the list.

Particularly interested in android games, this channel is owned by Ujjwal Chaurasia.

He lives in Delhi and rose to fame in the Indian gaming industry for his extremely crisp gaming skills in the GTA V series.
Ujjwal’s choice of games includes GTA V, Minecraft, Ranch Simulator, PUBG Mobile, and Garena Free Fire.

He joined the YouTube community in 2017, and has an aggregated channel view of 5.5 billion views on his channel; Techno Gamerz is extremely popular amongst aspiring gamers.

His humorous commentary has been loved by millions, which is the reason why the videos on the Techno Gamerz channel get views in the same numbers every time.

He is one of the few Indian gamers who managed to get support from family to be persistent with the uploading of videos on his channel.

His channel started growing exponentially ever since he started posting GTA series gameplay.

3. AS Gaming

AS Gaming

A_S gaming has about 15.7 million subscribers on its channel.

This gaming channel has been created and managed by Sahil Rana, who has been loved by the gaming audience for all the right reasons.
Sahil’s choice of games to stream includes free fire along with many other games.

With an aggregate view of 2.1 billion on his gaming channel, Sahil Rana is loved by the gaming community for his versatile style of gaming.
Sahil Rana created his channel in 2016 but did not start uploading videos until 2019. 

Ever since he made the decision to stream online, he has become one of the most promising gamers in the nation.

He never fails to provide his audience with enjoyable variations for spice, and is all set to grow more as each day goes by!

4. Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer

Lockesh Gamers is another popular gaming channel, which is owned and managed by Lokesh raj.

With about 14.1 million subscribers on his channel, Lokesh raj has managed to build his gaming channel uniquely.

The distinguishing feature of lockesh gamers that makes it stand out in the crowd of other gaming channels is that there is only one game that Lokesh raj chooses to stream on his channel – free fire.

However, one should never confuse this choice with thinking that the audience might be longing for more since Lockesh Gamers have been loved by the gaming community.

With an aggregated view of about 1.33 billion views on his channel Lockesh Gamers, Lokesh raj has managed to win the hearts of his target audience successfully.

He joined the YouTube community in 2017 and is all set to grow more.

5. Gyaan Gaming

Gyaan Gaming

With a fun and joyful personality, Gyan Sujan streams on his channel Gyaan gaming.

With about 13.5 million subscribers, this gaming channel has managed to steal its spot at the fifth position of top gamers in India.

Even though Gyaan Gaming has a dominance of Garena free fire streams on its channel, Gyan Sujan can be found playing Fortnite, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Call Of Duty Mobile, PubG Mobile, and GTA 5 too.

With an aggregate view of 1.9 billion views on his channel, Gyan Sujan has managed to win the hearts of many through his humorous Hindi commentary.

Gyan Sujan joined the YouTube community in 2017 and is on the path of growth.

It is also regarded as one of the many promising channels to grow in terms of popularity with time.

6. Desi Gamers

 Desi Gamers

On the 6th position as one of the best gamer in India.

With the subscribers of this channel of about 12.5 million, this game streaming channel is quite loved in the industry.

If you are someone who loves gaming yet are hesitant to pursue it as your career, Amit Sharma is the perfect idol to look up to.

He started his streaming channel when he was in college to simply have something to do in his free time.

Now, his channel Desi Gamers enjoy an aggregated view of 1.75 billion. He has set an example of how persistence is the key to success.

Amit Sharma joined the YouTube community in 2015, and one can find many Garena free-fire live streams on his channel.

His choice of gaming is not limited, though. Amit Sharma also streams games like Minecraft on his channel Desi Gamers.

7. Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming is another popular gaming channel amongst the Indian gaming community.

Created and managed by Adil Sawant, the streams on Dynamo Gaming are quite entertaining.

This is the reason why the channel stands strong with about 10 million subscribers.

Dota 2, GTA V, Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) are a few games that Adil Sawant chooses to stream on his channel.

With an interesting commentary, he has managed to win the hearts of many young gamers who aspire to be like him one day.

Adil Sawant joined the YouTube community by creating the channel dynamo gaming in 2010, and now enjoys an aggregated view of 1.06 billion views on his channel.

9. Mythpat


Created and managed by Mithilesh Patankar, Mythpat is a quite popular gaming channel.

With a strong base of 11.1 subscribers, Mythpat is another promising game streaming channel.

If you are someone who enjoys the commentary as much as the game, then the videos posted on Mythpat are surely going to entertain you.
With a humorous and unique twist to the regular streaming commentary, Mithilesh Patankar has managed to win the hearts of his subscribers quite fast.

He created his channel on the YouTube community in 2018, and now enjoys a whopping 2.22 billion aggregated views on his channel Mythpat.

Mithilesh Patankar chooses to stream many games on his channel Mythpath. These include GTA V, Minecraft, Among Us along with many other famous titles.

10. Two Side Gamers

Two Side Gamers

The passion for gaming brought two cousins together, and hence the channel Two Side Gamers was born.

The channel was created by Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka and is managed by them to date.

With their subscribers as high as 9.95 million, they have managed to gain popularity quite steadily.

The pair of gamer cousins began their gaming career by playing bounce ball, which has been one of the most popular mobile games at one point.

The cousins shifted to PUBG when it rose in popularity, and then finally shifted to free fire as of now.

The cousins have been uploading streams since 2018, and now enjoy millions of views on their videos.

With about 1.58 billion aggregate views on two side gamers, Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka rose in the gaming industry within a few years of them joining the same.

They began their streamer journey by playing clash of clans. However, nowadays Garena free fire dominates the streams by two side gamers.

8. CarryisLive


Next on our list of top Indian gamers, we have CarryisLive.

This channel has been created and managed by ajey Nagar, who happens to be one of the most talked-about YouTubers today.

Carryislive has 10.6 million subscribers today.

Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, rose to fame through his roast videos.

Even though he has been in controversy for quite some time now, he still holds a special place in the heart of many gamers.

He is the perfect example of how working hard regularly and persistently can result in getting you all that you wish to have in life.

With an aggregate view of 1.2 billion on his channel CarryisLive, Ajey Nagar chose to start a different all-game streaming channel in 2017.

His choice of games to stream includes Resident Evil Village, Cyberpunk, Spider-Man Miles Morales, GTA V, PUBG Mobile, and Minecraft.

11. Free Fire India Official

Free Fire India Official

Free fire India officially is its official gaming YouTube channel.

Free fire has risen to popularity quite steadily in India, and hence this channel enjoys a total of 10.9 million subscribers.

Created by 111 dots studio and published by Garena studios, Free Fire is a mobile Battle Royale game with numerous awards and titles awarded to its name.

The Indian gamers have loved to stream and play this game tremendously ever since it rose to popularity, which explains its high number of subscriber ad followers not just in India, but worldwide.

Free fire India officially joined the YouTube community in 2018 and proudly displays the aggregated view of 1.35 billion views on its channel.

Today, top streamers choose to play this game all day long because of its amazing interface and straightforward game structure.

12. Batch 99

Batch 99

One of the fastest-growing gaming channels in India, batch 99 rose to popularity due to its persistence and continuous posting of streams.

The channel has been created and is managed by Bharath, and has about 8.63 million subscribers.

Bharath’s humorous commentary and crisp gaming skills managed to get millions of aspiring gamers binge-watching his videos.

Bharath joined the YouTube community by starting his channel batch 99 in 2016.

Solo, Duo, or squad – you mention it, batch 99 has it all. Bharath is a talented gamer who is winning hearts and making his place in the Indian gaming industry very smartly.

With an aggregate view of about 1.04 billion on his channel batch 99, Bharath hosts free-fire gameplay streams on his channel.

13. Live Insaan

Live Insaan

Nishchay Malhan is one of the most popular Indian YouTubers.

His account Triggered Insaan massively gains popularity with each day that passes, and so does his gaming account – Live Insaan.

Nishcay Malhan has always been a smart lad. Graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and then bagging one of the placement offers as a web developer, Nishchay Malhan had it all set for him.

However, his passion lay in YouTube, which he began exploring soon after.

Nischay Malhan is more than simply an intellectual person whose passion lies in gaming.

He is extremely humble and kind in nature too. In one of his streams on his channel Live Insaan, he streamed games all day to raise funds for the people affected by the Assam and Bihar floods.

As of the channel, Live Insaan has about 8.32 million subscribers on its channel.

Nischay Malhan started his channel in 2017, and there has been no going back since.

The aggregated views on his channel are 1.4 billion views. Nishchay live streams and uploads games like Minecraft and PUBG.

14. UnGraduate Gamer

UnGraduate Gamer

Hailing from New Delhi, Ayush Dubey is a content creator who owns the channel UnGraduate gamer.

With a whopping 7.72 million subscribers, Ayush Dubey has managed to win the hearts of the gaming community with his gaming skills through YouTube streams.

Along with pranks and challenges, Ayush Dubey posts many gameplays and montage videos on his channel.

A popular e-sport gamer, Ayush Dubey started the channel UnGraduate gamer in 2018.

With his funny commentary and extremely crisp gaming skills, Ayush Dubey managed to bag an aggregate of 1.02 billion views in a relatively shorter period. One can find a huge load of free-fire gameplays posted on this channel.

15. Chapati Hindustani Gamer

Chapati Hindustani Gamer

With 7.56 million subscribers, Chapati Hindustani gamer has managed to make its place in the gaming industry.

This channel is run by Pammi, a popular Indian YouTuber who currently lives in Newport, wales.
One of the most loved game commentators, his live streams are loved by many aspiring gamers for their amazing content and skills.

The most popular games can be found on the Chapati Hindustani Gamer’s channel.

This includes Grand Theft Auto V, Paladins, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, slender man series, and the zombie series.

Pammi joined the YouTube industry in 2017 by creating his channel chapati Hindustani gamer. This channel has an aggregate view of 3.17 billion views and is all set to grow more as time goes by.

16. Helping Gamer

Helping Gamer

Sarfaraz Ahmed is the face behind one of the most popular gaming channels, helping gamer.

The quality of the content of helping gamer managed to impress and bag a total of about 7.75 million subscribers as of now.

Sarfaraz Ahmad actively uploads tips, tricks, and gameplays of free fire on the YouTube platform.

The statistics of his gaming has managed to win the hearts of the entire Indian gaming industry, and hence people love to stream his videos.

Sarfaraz Ahmad joined the YouTube community in 2018 and has an aggregate view of about 532 million views on his channel helping gamer.

17. MortaL


A popular e-sport gamer and streamer, Naman Mathur started his YouTube channel MortaL to follow his passion for gaming.

He has been a popular name in the Indian gaming industry ever since he was nominated for e-sports award 2020 for PUBG mobile.

The gaming channel mortal is loved for its humorous and entertaining gameplay nature.

Naman Mathur joined the YouTube family in 2013 by creating his gaming channel MortaL and has worked persistently hard to improve at every step.

Today, the channel has an aggregated total view of 1.08 billion views.

18. Hindustan Gamer Loggy

Hindustan Gamer Loggy

Hindustani gamer Loggy is a gaming channel run by Jassu on YouTube.

Gamer and a content creator, Jassu uploads interesting gameplay of grand theft auto five and Minecraft actively on his channel.

Jassu is the nephew of the well-known Chapati Hindustani gamer.

Their collaborations have been loved by the Indian gaming audience tremendously.
Hindustan Gamer Loggy channel was created in 2018 and quickly rose to fame within a few years.

The quality gaming skills and amazing content of the videos by this channel managed to bag in the aggregated view of 2.63 billion on Hindustan Gamer Loggy.

This channel stands strong with total subscribers of 6.43 million people and is all set to grow more as its popularity rises.

19. Happy Prince Gaming

Happy Prince Gaming

Another popular free-fire content creator, Happy Prince Gaming is quite popular amongst Indian gamers.

By uploading fun gameplay videos of free fire regularly on his channel, Prince has managed to make a special place in the industry.

The channel Happy Prince Gaming has a total of about 6.41 million subscribers.

Today, Prince is considered one of the most popular names in the Indian free fire community.

He chose to register on the YouTube platform in 2018 by creating the channel Happy Prince Gaming. With an aggregated view of about 391 million, this channel is quite popular amongst Indian gamers.


While earning money and gaining popularity is one of the many reasons why gamers choose to stream their games on YouTube, inviting sponsors and brand collaborations are also a few benefits that streaming on this platform gives the gamers with.

With almost all the top Indian gamers mentioned above, one can certainly identify a lot of diversity amongst the names.

All the gamers belong to different parts of the nation, yet are united by their passion for gaming.

Their rise to fame has one common factor – persistence and patience.

No channel mentioned above managed to bag an overnight success. Each and every subscriber that they managed to earn was a result of years of hard work and patience.

Today, the benefits of streaming games online are endless. Anyone who wishes to pursue gaming as their career should be aware of the pros of streaming.

Apart from gaining immense popularity by streaming games online, gamers who can provide quality content in the form of entertainment or skills can bag in loyal subscribers.

They might even be able to get donations and promote their merchandise on their channels.
This is why they deserve to be acknowledged and praised for their achievements.

Many aspiring gamers look up to them as these gamers mentioned above work hard to change the dynamics of the Indian gaming industry.

If you are a gamer, make sure to work as hard as they did and who knows, in a couple of years the next list of top Indian gamers might be featuring your name in it.