Her are Bluestacks 2 system requirement

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD Family
  • Storage: 5 GB

Recommended requirements

Nowadays, phone screens are increasing in size, yet to a certain limit. However, it is at times nice to have a bigger screen to run your apps on. The

BlueStacks 2 software is the perfect software to do exactly that.

It  is capable of running mobile apps on a PC or a MAC. The software acts as an android or IOS emulator, giving you the freedom to access all of the apps that are present on the Play Store and the Apple Store on your Windows and MAC respectively. 

BlueStacks is mostly oriented to make mobile- gaming a better service. With this app, mobile games can now be played on a bigger screen thus, greatly benefiting the player. The user can also make use of their keyboard and mouse to gain an upper edge over the mobile touch setup.

 Usually, the Minimum specifications allow the software to run on budget level pcs. Here, to run the software, these components are the bare essential.

For the processor, the Intel’s NA or the AMD’s NA is able to handle the software but at its minimum settings. These processors are priced moderately and therefore used in a large fraction of PCs.

The graphics card which you need to have would be the NA; with this, you will be able to run most of the games on your PC.

To run games and apps with the minimum settings you would require RAM of at least NA size. The storage space required would be NA to store BlueStacks as well as the apps and games that you would download.

The recommended specifications are the ones that let you run software and games to get the best out of the software.

With these specifications, you will be able to gain max performance from the games you download.

For this, you would need to have Intel’s NA or AMD’s NA processors as its computational handling capability is on par with the requirements.

In order to get the best gaming experience on BlueStacks, it is advisable to have Nvidia’s NA as the graphic card.

The RAM helps in accessing quick and important data to run a game, and therefore having a NA sized game will accomplish these tasks faster. A NA storage space should be sufficient to store the software’s files.

If you want to run those highly demanding games or high performing apps, then you will need a system of hardware that enables it.

The following specifications are a bit on the costlier side but they are worth every coin spent as they deliver performance accordingly.

So, for the processor, the Intel NA or the AMD NA will allow you to tweak your games for maximum output. You need to have NVidia’s NA graphic card to be able to seamlessly manage performance.

To couple these things together, a solid NA RAM is the best choice. Here the storage space should be NA since heavy games and apps have big files. These components with comparison to the other specifications do an excellent job in handling the games without any lag or issues.

Hence, we recommend you go for your custom PC build

How to check your system specifications?

It is important to have a system rundown so that you’re well informed about your system hardware and thus, do not make any unnecessary purchases.

There are many methods on how you can assess the components in your PC. Obviously, there is the manual method, where you open up the CPU cabinet and have a visual observation. However, with this method, you would need certain knowledge to check the parts; also not all specifications can be attained through this.

The easier method would be to check the specifications through the operating system.

To check the processor all you need to do is right-click on “This PC” and click on “properties”, here you will get information on the processor you are running.

On the same page, you can see the RAM size and also the processor architecture your OS is running on; it is better if it is 64-bit. To check the graphics card, you will have to head on to “Control Panel”, then “Hardware and Sound”, then “Device Manager” and finally to “Display Adapters”.

The storage space can be witnessed inside “This PC”; you will see the partitions in your drives.


BlueStacks 2 is a very handy software that improves the overall experience of your mobile apps.

It has plenty of inbuilt apps and the google or apple store can be accessed too. But before you download the BlueStacks 2 make sure that your system can handle it.

The above requirements that have been mentioned should help you with that.