NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs NVIDIA GeForce 940MX

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The world of gaming and 3D visuals expands at the same pace as the universe does. This increases the problems encountered with visuals in PCs or laptops. In some cases, a normal GPU (graphical processing unit) finds it difficult to manage multiple frames with satisfactory quality. In such a situation, the very popular dedicated graphic card comes to the rescue.

There are two very popular graphic cards available in the market i.e. NVIDIA GeForce MX150 and NVIDIA GeForce 940MX. Choosing any one of the two is a difficult task. So, here is a detailed comparison between both the cards that can help in the selection process.

Overview of NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (GDDR5

The GeForce 940MX is an excellent product of NVIDIA and is believed to be the better version of 940M. However, some of its qualities still make it appear similar to the 940M version. One such quality is its clock speed which has not been improved in the latest version. It was launched in 2016 to facilitate faster GDDR5. 

940MX is connected to systems using PCI express 3.0×8 interface. It has a robust 64-bit memory interface with a high operating frequency of 1004-1242 MHz. The performance of the graphic card varies as per its chip quality and memory. The 940MX version of GeForce provides great accessibility in terms of chips and shaders. It has a 512 shaders GM107 chip.

Overview of NVIDIA GeForce MX150

Due to low clock speed, NVIDIA brought another upgrade of GeForce i.e. MX150. It provides better chip quality with 64-bit memory made up of 384 shader cores. MX150 comes in two different models based on their power usage. One is NI7S-G1-A1 with a maximum frequency of 1531 MHz whereas another is called NI7S-LG-A1 with 1037 as the maximum frequency range.

For gaming geeks, MX150 serves a decent visual quality of 30 frames per second. The Pascal architecture of this GPU gives it an extra edge over others. It successfully supports new API’s to enhance user experience

GeForce MX150 vs GeForce 940MX — Specification Comparison

Both models are just a modification of the same product. But this does not mean that only the latest one has more compatibility. Thus, before declaring anyone as the best, it is better to compare both the models based on their specifications:


GeForce MX150

GeForce 940MX

1.  Architecture


The MX150 has the latest Pascal-architecture that enhances the frames per second number.

On the other hand, 940MX has old-style Maxwell architecture which restricts its features.


2.  CUDA Cores

CUDA cores 384.

CUDA cores 384.

3.  Operating frequency

The maximum operating frequency of MX150 is 1532

The maximum operating frequency of 940MX is 1242

4.  Bandwidth

Bus bar bandwidth of 64-bit

Bus bar bandwidth of 64-bit

5.  Memory type

150MX is available in only GDDR5 memory type

940MX comes in two memory types- GDDR5 and DDR3

6.  Size of the memory

The graphics card has 4096 MB


7.  Chip technology

The technology of MX150 is 16  nm

The technology of 940MX is 14 nm


Power Consumption

In the case of long gaming sessions, the power consumption of a graphics card plays an important role. There is a thin line difference between 940MX and MX150 that differentiates both based on their power consumption property. MX150 seems to stand ahead of 940MX in this respect.

Due to the primary construction, 940MX has missed out on some modifications that have led it to consume a maximum power of 30 Watts. On the other hand, MX150 is a derived version of the former one. This lets it consume a maximum of 23 to 25 Watts only.

Compatibility, dimensions requirements, and memory

For taking advantage of the latest 150MX, one needs to buy a large size system. 940MX is found in a medium-sized system usually. It also requires bus support of PCI Express 3.0.

However, a memory space of 2048 MB is similar in both the graphics cards. The interface involved in both graphics cards is also different. 940MX works on a 3.0×8 interface of PCIe whereas MX150 requires a dimension of 3.0×16.

Video outputs and ports

No such video outputs or ports are present on both 940MX and 150MX chips. The regular design has its own capabilities which make them work without the aid of any additional port.

 API support

Both the graphics cards support different APIs.

  1.     Vulkan– 150MX supports (+) and 940MX supports (–) versions of Vulkan.
  2.     DirectX– 940MX, and 150MX supports 12(11_0) and 12(12_1) versions of DirectX respectively
  3.     OpenGL– 940MX supports the former 4.5 version of OpenGL whereas MX150 works the best with the latest 4.6 version of OpenGL.

Benchmark performance

The comparison of 940MX and MX150 in terms of their benchmark performance is given below:-

Benchmark criteria



3DMark Ice Storm GPU



3DMark Cloud Gate GPU



3DMark Fire Strike Graphics



3DMark Fire Strike Score



Unigine Heaven 3.0



3DMark Vantage Performance



3DMark 11 Performance GPU



Advantages of NVIDIA GeForce MX150 and 940 MX GeForce 940 MX-

  1.     Cost-effective– Irrespective of the features and specifications, 940MX is believed to be pocket friendly. It provides less yet satisfactory features at fewer rates
  2.     Simple architecture 940MX has an old architecture i.e Maxwell 28 nm which might support any old type of software. With this architecture, it is easy to enjoy moderate level games also.

GeForce MX150-

  1.     Fast clock speed– With effective and latest Pascal architecture, MX150 provides fast clock speed. This feature finds great applications for people involved in the gaming and editing process.
  2.     More memory space– It provides a large memory space that promotes fast processing.
  3.     High FPS– This is the main advantage of why people prefer MX150 over 940MX. A large frame-per-second number leads to a good visual experience. 


It is clear from the comparison that both MX150 and 940MX have their own space. Though MX150 is the latest model, it does not fulfil all the visions of high gaming experience. On the other hand, 940MX is criticized for its low clock speed but still manages to provide an appreciable FPS number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 940MX good for gaming?

940MX is an older version which restricts its features within certain boundaries. Because of a less overclock speed and fewer modifications, one can achieve a maximum of 30 FPS only. In comparison to the latest versions, 940MX provides selective good-gaming experience. Heavy games with fast screen processing might get stuck in between due to poor visual quality.

Is Nvidia MX150 good for gaming?

The gaming experience with MX150 is quite fast and user-friendly. The card has a Pascal architecture that provides good clock speed. A 60 FPS quality supports average games such as rocket league, CS go, etc. It usually supports older games and struggles to provide the same quality in new games.

Can 940MX run GTA 5?

GTA 5 being one of the most popular games has a special place in the judging criteria of every graphic chip. With a GDDR5 platform, the game can fairly run on 940MX. However, after days of use, the quality may decrease a little bit because the net visual ability of 940MX is 30 FPS.

What games can GeForce 940MX run?

940MX can handle light to medium settings games comfortably. Some people manage to play new games on this with FPS quality. But, for people who are a fan of variety rather than quality, they do not find 940mx bad. Popular games such as RPG, FIFA, GTA 5, PUB-G, The Witcher 3, etc., can be successfully enjoyed on 940MX with normal or optimized settings.

Is 940MX good for video editing?

The low FPS numbers of 940MX allow intermediate level video editing with a resolution up to 1080p. However, the accessibility of the graphic card also depends on the kind of software when it comes to video editing. The ability of the software to support CUDA affects the performance of a graphic card.

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