Pubg Mobile Emulator System Requirements

by | Nov 5, 2020 | System Requirement

Here are the Pubg Mobile Emulator System Requirements

Minimum System Specifications:

  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7
  • Processor: Dual-core from Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz.
  • Memory: at least 3GB of RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c

Recommended System Specifications:

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB
  • Direct X: 11.0

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PUBG was developed and published by a corporation of the same name on 20th December 2017. The very first release of this game was for the Microsoft Windows platform. Apart from that, the game was later released for Xbox One, Android, iOS, and PlayStation in 2018. Another version was released in 2020 for the streaming platform of Stadia.

In 2019, Tencent has released the official emulator for PUBG where players can play the game on PC and mobile. Although it was in beta when it was launched, a crossplay between mobile and PC players was already available. Hence, this new emulator has improved the gaming experience. 

You can enjoy this fantastic game by assembling a pc or fulfilling the above requirements in your existing PC.

Did you know that PUBG broke the record of total concurrent players? Yes, that’s right! In September 2017, the game set a record of having 1,342,857 active players at the same time.

Another interesting fact; did you know that the game can ban you from playing? No, I’m not kidding, it’s true! There are some set rules for playing PUBG that the system takes very seriously. If you break those rules, then you can be banned from playing. The ban can last from 1 to 5 days depending upon the rule that you as a player have broken.

The base of this type of game is that it starts with a character having minimal to no resources on their expedition. For them to survive, they must eliminate other players or opponents. This has to be done while being sure to not get trapped outside of a safe area themselves. The winner is the last player alive or the last team alive.

The game also received multiple awards and nominations in the years 2017 and 2018 and is one of the highest-grossing games with gross revenue of $1.5 billion.

PUBG Mobile Emulator: Features

The PUBG emulator was developed in such a way that a player will get the same gaming server  as people are playing on the mobile phone. The controls of the mobile game have been remapped with the new emulator, and now one can play using the mouse as well as keyboard. But this feature is not yet fully optimized to keyboard and mouse because few components of the game require clicking on specific objects which are well suited for touch screen devices. Overall shooting and moving are easier on mouse and keyboard as compared to the touch screen. Also, the menu and control options are the same in the emulator as well as the PC game.

This emulator offers better performance than other android emulators and the controls are far more encouraging.

How to install the PUBG emulator?

When PubG was introduced in the mobile phone gaming category it took the market by storm. Players wished that the game was available on PC. But recently with the invention of Tencent emulator, now gamers can play the game on their PC as well as.

The PUBG game can be played with the help of an android emulator. All you need to do is install the emulator by typing download Tencent Gaming Buddy. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

Step 1

Open a search engine page, for example, and type Tencent Gaming Buddy in the search box and then click search.

Step 2

After you clicked search, a range of results will be shown. Click on the first result and from there you will find a download option.

Step 3

Select the language, version, etc as per your need of the emulator.

Step 4

After selecting the required information, make sure to click download and your emulator will start downloading. 

Step 5

Once the download is completed, you need to click on the download file to initiate the setup process.

Step 6

After clicking the application, a series of instructions and commands will pop up. Click Next and your installation process will be complete. 

Step 7

After the installation process is complete, open the application and then enter Pubg mobile in the search box.

Step 8

After entering the game name in the search box, the game result will show. You need to click download, to install and game and then you are ready to play PubG on your PC.

Is this Emulator safe?

This new Pubg emulator is developed by Tencent. Tencent is a reputed company and hence all their products are tested properly before they are launched in the market. Hence, we can conclude that the PUBG emulator by Tencent is very much safe and you can use it to play the PC version of the PUBG mobile game.

How many have downloaded this emulator after it has been launched?

This emulator was launched in 2018 and since then till now, there are almost 10,00,000+ downloads and still counting.

What is the USP of this emulator?

This Pubg emulator by Tencent is known for offering better gaming experience with enhanced controls and reduced latency. Due to the AOW engine, Tencent was able to bring down or eradicate the latency issue and offer an amazing gaming experience to the players.