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The growth of the gaming industry in India has been exceptional in the last couple of years. And it is expected to continue in the upcoming years.

Even though India’s gaming industry cannot compare to the other Asian industries, the growth we have witnessed in these years is remarkable.

The total revenue of the gaming industry in India is estimated to be double what it is now.

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The gaming demands are constantly changing but it is possible to utilize the current trend and use it to your advantage. 

If you want to know about the current trends, then you need to know the event that has affected it the most.

Like everything else, COVID- 19 has made an imprint on the gaming industry as well.

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From 2020, people will be forced to stay indoors and as a result, have more time on their hands. With this extra time, some of them turned to games as a form of respite from everything that is happening in the world.

So it can be said that some parts of the trends are inspired or the result of the current situation of the world. 

The current trends in the gaming industry:

 1. Virtual Reality

The rise of virtual reality games can already be seen in the market. New technology has made it possible for players to experience the game itself.

To go beyond just watching the screen and controlling the character. With virtual reality, you become the character itself.

ou move and the character in the game moves as well. With a VR headset, you can have a wider view of the scene in the game.

There are different angles and directions to be explored instead of a fixed view. 

 2. Augmented reality 

Similar to virtual reality, augmented reality is more than the boundaries of the screen. It brings together the virtual world and the real world together.

In a way that was never expected, augmented reality was able to combine both of them in a seamless way. The games using this technology still require a screen but they also consider the aspects of the physical world.

The most famous example of this type of game is Pokémon Go. This game had everyone on their toes trying to catch a rare Pokémon.

The player can only catch a Pokémon when they find it on their path. The map of the game was connected with a real map, so the places and spots on the map correspond with real life.

So when you are wandering with the app open, the view in the game is also changing. A Pokémon will appear only when you reach a new place so you need to keep exploring in the hopes of finding a powerful one.

This is one of the many possible ways you can use augmented reality in video games. The number of these games are expected to increase in the following years. 

 3. Indie games 

In an era when everyone desires their games to be of high definition with top graphics, it was unexpected to see indie games obtain a spot in the gaming trends.

Indie games are nothing like defined and detailed games. The games are usually developed by people who are not very experienced in game development or do not wish to incorporate many details.

The biggest contributor to the indie game trend can be attributed to Stardew Valley. With its pixelated graphics and creative storyline, it has captured the hearts of many gamers.

They are enamored by the simple gameplay and the minimal graphics. The player has to build a farm from scratch that has been left to them by their grandfather.

Along with that, they get to fight monsters in the mine. 

List of top gaming companies in India:

 1. Infosys Limited

Infosys is a multinational company that deals with a variety of industries. The company employs a large number of workers and is one of the top software companies in India.

It primarily deals with informational technology but also provides business consulting. It was founded in 1981 and is currently one of the top Indian IT companies.

Infosys is only second to Tata Consultancy Services which is the best in the country.

The company can now boast of numerous branches throughout the world. It started as a software-focused company but it saw the potential in the Indian gaming market and decided to add it to its list of services.

Infosys now employs several experienced game developers who are skilled in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) games. They can also work on 3D games. 

 2. Zensar Technologies

Originally, it was a part of a British company based in Pune. In 1991, the authorities decided to completely separate a subsidiary to form an independent company.

Zensar Technologies was formed. From then onwards, it has steadily increased the value of the company. From India, it has extended its operations to other countries as well.

Throughout the years we have witnessed the evolution of gaming devices. Newer and better devices are constantly being launched. Initially, Indian gamers had to visit gaming parlors to satisfy their gaming urge.

Then came the era of personal computers. Gaming received a new face and screen. It was followed by other devices and then finally the mobile phone.

Right now, Zensar Technologies has offices in over 20 countries. The United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, the United States of America and Geneva are some of them. The total employee count of the company crosses 10,000.

Zensar Technologies is involved in a number of different operations. Web development, mobile application development, and artificial intelligence and data management. Apart from that, it is also involved in game development. 

 3. Creatiosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Here we have a another one of the top gaming companies in India that focuses entirely on game development. Unlike the previous companies, Creatiosoft Solutions was built purely for applications and game development. It was created fairly recently in 2012. 

The aim was to provide high-quality applications and games. Creatiosoft Solutions has succeeded in that respect because it has satisfied clients all over the world.

The company works on its own projects as well as collaborates with other companies. It offers the opportunity to work on a project with another company.

If you have any innovative app or game that you want to create but you do not have the means to do so, then you can contact the company for help. It will work with you towards the success of the project.

Creatiosoft Solutions have developed over 100 apps and games till now. It is capable of working with different platforms like Android and iOS.

 4. Electronic Arts Game India Pvt. Ltd.

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is an American game company that was founded in Redwood City in California. As it was created in 1981, it was a part of the game developers for the first computers.

It worked for a while for games for personal computers during the initial years. Electronic Arts Game India Pvt. Ltd. is considered to be a pioneer in the gaming industry as the games designed by the company have shaped the childhood of numerous young adults around the world.

Currently, Electronic Arts are responsible for the development and launch of several well-known franchises like Need for Speed, Dragon Age and Stars Wars.

 There are games under the brand of EA Sports like FIFA and NBA Live as well. Origin is an online game distribution platform that has been developed by them. It is used to manage the games that EA develops.  

Although personal computers are still the number one choice for any high specs game, it is facing tough competition in mobile phones.

A large number of users are forcing the gaming industry to take the mobile phone as a serious gaming device.

More and more games are being launched for mobile phones. This is what EA is trying to target as well.

Electronic Arts Game India is a subsidiary of the original Electronic Arts Inc. that is based in India.

The office of the company is situated in Hyderabad. It hires talented and creative people who have a similar mindset to that of the company. The Hyderabad branch currently employs over 650 people. 

 5. Game Show Network (BitRhymes)

The Game Show Network is again an American creation. It is a cable channel network that is owned by Sony Pictures Television.

The channel focuses on broadcasting game shows. Game shows that are running currently as well those which had been shown previously.

Game Show Network was launched in 1994 with an episode of Mark Goodson game show. Then it continued with the other episodes that the company had secured the rights for.

Eventually, the network moved on to produce original game shows that were then broadcasted.

After Liberty Media gained the largest shares of the network, major changes were made in Game Show Network. It launched a gaming app on Facebook that was called GSN Casino.

As the name suggests, it was an online casino that you could play through Facebook. Online competitions were also held where Facebook members could participate.

Within a few years, the game had amassed millions of players.

Game Show Network also launched multiple casino apps in the following years which became highly popular. In 2014, Game Show Network also acquired a game developing company called BitRhymes.

BitRhymes was known for developing Bingo Bash and Slots Bash. 

 6. Games2win India Pvt. Ltd.

Games2win India as an Indian company was founded in 2005. The website was launched in the next year, 2006.

Games2win.com was India’s first casual online gaming site. It was launched in India and the USA.

The company even formed a team of gamers to compete in tournaments in the country as well outside it. Following that, they collaborated with several investors and gaming partners to produce games.

They had a game in Orkut as well which became highly popular within a couple of days. 

After several years, the company finally decided to launch its first game application. Even after so many years, the company still manages to produce top-quality games.

Currently, they have over 350 million downloads with millions of unique monthly users. 

 7. Griptonite Games India Pvt. Ltd.

This is a game company that has been passed through some hands. It can be considered to have been founded in 1999. Although the team was already in place working as a subsidiary of Realtime Associates from 1994.

It was only after it was taken over by KnowWonder, Inc. that it acquired the name of Griptonite Games or just Griptonite.

The game company worked on Game Boy and Nintendo games for a while before the brand was shut down in 2005.

The brand was relaunched in 2008 when Foundation 9 acquired Amaze Entertainment (previously KnowWonder).

Although the name is not being used, the studio is still known as Griptonite in the game industry. Griptonite again changed ownership a couple of times in the following years.

 8. GSN Games India Pvt. Ltd.

GSN Games India is a branch of the original Game Show Network Games. Therefore the functions and areas of expertise are similar to that of the company.

But since it is based in India, the employees and developers are from India itself. The office for GSN Games India is in Bangalore where the building can comfortably accommodate over 500 employees. 

The facility is equipped with every luxury to create a healthy environment for the workers.  The workspaces are built for productivity, game areas and even a fully-stocked pantry for the staff. 

GSN Games India works on the online casino games developed by GSN Games. Bingo Bash and GSN Casino are some of their most popular ones. Apart from these, the game developers also work on cash tournaments, social games and mobile games. 

 9. The Walt Disney Company (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Walt Disney India was initially formed as a joint venture with Modi Enterprises in 1993. It later ended in 2003 when the companies could not come to an agreement.

The Walt Disney Company (India) was then launched in 2004 in Mumbai. 

Also known as Disney India, they launched the Disney Channel and Toon Disney Channel in the same year.

Following that, the company launched various projects in India like games, movies and clothes.

It also acquired every UTV Indiagames. The Walt Disney Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. works with a dedicated team of experts as the company aims to grow and capture a larger market share in the gaming industry. 

 10. Ubisoft Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

The Indian company was launched in 2008 with only 40 employees. The employee count has now increased to over 1200. They have two studios in India.

One in Mumbai which is the newer one. The Pune studio is the oldest and the first Ubisoft Entertainment studio in India. Ubisoft Entertainment has highly qualified teams that can work with both mobile games as well as console games.

They have an automation team that can test the games.

Ubisoft is known for designing futuristic games which have a smooth gameplay and enhanced visual appeal that maximizes gaming experience for people of all ages.

There would be no games if there is nothing to play. This is especially true for the video games category. In other games like cricket and football, you need balls, bats, nets and other items to play the game. Video games need special devices for the player to play them.

This factor is recognized by the company as Ubisoft now targets to launch games that can be enjoyed on various devices and platforms.

Ubisoft Entertainment also has a research lab in Mumbai that makes it possible for the employees to work with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

They are one of the top game developers in India that has their own quality testing teams.

Final Overview

Simply the growth of the medium is not enough to support the whole industry. The substance needs to grow along with it. The substance here is the games and the game developers themselves.

When both factors develop simultaneously, we can expect the growth of the gaming industry. And since this has happened we can see the current gaming industry in the position that it is in.

The industry could develop because it was given the opportunity to do so. Instead of trying to suppress or control it, it was allowed to grow. This allowed foreign gaming companies to see the potential in the Indian game industry. It invested in India and this, in turn, encouraged our local companies to develop as well.

The number of game developers in the country rose dramatically in the last few decades. And, among them, some emerged as the top gaming companies of India.

All these companies are very good at what they do. It can be determined by their wide range of games, their collaboration partners and ultimately the opinions of the gamers.

The gamers have loved and enjoyed the games produced by these companies and therefore they are on this list. When the players are satisfied with a game and enjoy it, they will invest in it. This allows the developers to work on more games that the players might enjoy.

It may seem like a trivial and natural thing but diversity is hard to find within games. But these recent years are starting to change that. Inclusivity can come in many forms. It can be racial inclusivity or gender inclusivity.

Both of these are starting to be considered while creating a game. Instead of only a white male protagonist, developers are starting to consider different options as well.

Other than that, women were not considered to be a part of the target audience for games. Games were thought to be not their forte. So the majority of games that were created were made with a male player in mind.

The last couple of years has started to change that. Girls are now considered to be at least 45% of the total video game players.

The gaming culture is here to stay as more and more people are now being attracted to the concept of gaming. Therefore, if you are an avid gamer, then be sure to purchase and play the games designed by the above mentioned game companies.

The future of gaming is very bright as people are becoming more open to the idea of games as the concept is now becoming a mainstream form of entertainment along with television and cinema.